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Hi there, I'm

I love creating awesome websites! I'm fascinated by technology and passionate about using my technical skills to help people achieve their goals. I love learning and I think it's amazing that as a developer, I'm basically a professional student - dream job!

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< Technical Skills / >

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Github
  • Responsive Web Design

< Some projects I have worked on ... / >

Web App Dashboard

screenshot of web app dashboard <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Web dashboard built with CSS grid and completed with JavaScript-driven charts and graphs

Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Game Show App

screenshot of game show application <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Wheel of Success - Word Guessing Game

Used JavaScript to come up with a random phrase that players will try to guess by entering different letters into the program.

Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Interactive Photo Gallery

screenshot of gallery website <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

An interactive, searchable gallery of photos.

Photos update in realtime depending on what the user types into search bar. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, the photo will display in a lightbox. There’s also a “back” and “previous” arrow to cycle through photos.

Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS

Gymso Fitness

screenshot of gymso fitness website <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

A commerical website for a fitness facility built using HTML5, CSS3

Includes: AOS - “On Scroll” Animation Library, SVGS, Responsive Table, Google Map, Hamburger Menu, Contact Form

Soft Landing Page

screenshot of softlanding page website <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Commerical landing page created using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Utilized: CSS grid, Flex box, AOS scroll animation library, background-attachments, Event Listeners

Learned: how to implement a navigation scroll bar that appears only when the user scrolls down a bit using JavaScript

Grid Master Class

screenshot of grid masterclass website <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Informative Website Built using HTML5 and CSS3

Utilized: CSS grid (my entire layout for this website was created with CSS grid)

Key Take Away: This project really showed me the power that CSS grid has, it’s almost as if the sky is the limit with the layouts you’re able to create

Level Website

screenshot of hotel/travel website <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Hotel / Travel Website Built Using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript

Utilized: background images and videos, flex box, CSS grid

Learned: how to incorporate SVGS into forms / manipulate them, how to create a hamburger menu using JavaScript, how create an active state for navigation links and scroll effect using JavaScript

freeCodeCamp Survey Site

screenshot of survey site <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Responsive Survey Form Built Using HTML5 and CSS3

Includes: radio inputs, number inputs, text inputs, dropdowns, checkbox inputs, textarea, and placeholder text

Registration Form

screenshot of registration form site <Live View / > <Github Repository / >

Sign-up Form
Responsive, mobile-first registration form using a variety of HTML form elements

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